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Our Relationships

At Lion Storage, we value our relationships with our partners. We believe that strong relationships based on trust will allow us to realize impactful projects faster and more effectively, thereby accelerating the energy transition. For this reason we are committed to open communication, transparency, and working side-by-side with our partners.

Our Experience

With years of experience in the industry, Lion Storage has a proven track record of delivering successful projects. We have worked on a wide range of energy projects, in a variety of countries and territories. Our experience has taught us the importance of trust in partners, attention to detail and focus on results.

Our Responsibility

At Lion Storage, we take both our responsibility to the environment as to our shareholders seriously. We are committed to delivering projects that are not only safe, reliable, and sustainable, but also commercially viable. We hold ourselves responsible for the quality of our work and the impact we bring to the Dutch energy system, our local environment and investors.

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