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LION STORAGE is a Dutch developer of utility scale battery storage systems empowering the energy transition. We develop, build and sell or lease large-scale stand-alone energy storage projects directly connected to the high voltage grid.


We focus on the development of conventional Lithium-Ion battery storage systems, in excess of 100 MW and durations of 2-4 hours.


All LION STORAGE systems are fully merchant operated, optimizing economics for our clients by capturing revenues across a wide range of eligible wholesale, balancing, transport and ancillary power markets using smart bidding algorithms.



The rapid rise in solar and wind energy on the power grid combined with accelerated decommissioning of fossil fuel fired power plants, comes with many new challenges. These challenges range from increasing imbalances in supply and demand, increasing grid congestion and available connection capacity and even risk of grid instability.


Dutch TSO TenneT confirms that batteries are a vital grid element needed to ensure reliability of the Dutch grid, and advocates their rapid development. TenneT projects that by 2030 10 to 13GW battery storage are needed to ensure Dutch security of supply. Depending on the duration of the installed systems, this could require an investment of up to 14 to 18 billion Euro’s in battery systems over a 5 year period.


Batteries are becoming more and more economically attractive. As spreads and volatility of power prices increase, the commercial opportunity in utility-scale energy storage systems is set to grow. This is supported by the increasing performance of batteries, paired with a steady decline in prices.

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Innovative Storage Solutions

LION STORAGE develops energy storage projects, where high performance battery technology is combined with state-of-the-art software to identify profitable business cases and operate batteries against optimal returns.


We focus on optimizing (Lithium-Ion) battery utilization and trading profitability through high-tech software, delivering maximum overall financial returns to potential buyers and users.

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Strong Technology Partnerships

Through long-term strategic partnerships with selected OEMs and EPC companies, we strive to offer projects that conform to the highest operational quality and commercial performance.

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Enabling The Energy Transition

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