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Charging ahead towards a Sustainable Future

Powering the Transition to Renewable Energy

Lion Storage pioneers Battery Energy Storage

We develop utility scale battery systems

We develop, build and manage standalone utility-scale battery energy storage systems that support the roll-out of more renewable energy production, and thereby accelerate the energy transition.


Our utility-scale storage systems start at 100 MW and higher and are all connected to the high voltage electricity grid. We focus on providing vital services to the Dutch electricity grid and power markets: help balance the grid, ensure security of supply, manage congestion while enabling reliable integration of low-cost renewable power.


Our systems are typically designed for 4 hours duration, allowing us not only to help maintain short-term power balance, but also to shift renewable energy from times of excess power production to times of shortage.


We pioneer an emerging market

As conventional fossil power plants are being retired, deployment of renewable energy production accelerates and electrification of our societies continue. We are faced with a fast-growing need for flexibility in the form of energy storage solutions.


Lion Storage operates its storage systems across a wide range of markets. From available balancing markets (e.g. FCR, aFRR, mFRR, passive imbalance) to other ancillary markets (e.g. congestion management, voltage control) to wholesale markets (e.g. Day Ahead, IntraDay). By marketing our Lithium-Ion batteries where the need is highest across a variety of markets, we help ensure grid stability and reliability, increase sustainability while lowering the overall societal cost of the electricity system.


By performing arbitrage across various power markets, our storage systems offer strong and increasing revenue opportunities. Battery storage systems thus not only help ensure a more reliable, sustainable and cheaper power system to society, they also offer an attractive investment opportunity to our investors.


We work with leading partners

Tesla Megapack

To minimize development, construction and operating risk, we establish long-term working relationships with carefully selected top-tier suppliers, advisors, contractors, engineers and market operators. As our partners help minimize many of the risks in this emerging market, while ensuring fast and reliable roll-out of projects, they allow us to focus on managing the market (revenue) risk and ensure energy storage projects that are profitable and bankable to investors.

We are lions at heart

The Lion Storage team consists of dedicated and experienced energy entrepreneurs with a strong background in business and technology. We bring together a wide range of capabilities necessary for the successful development of battery storage projects. With an extensive track record in project origination and development, finance and company building, power markets and trading, energy regulation, hardcore engineering and company, technology and innovation management, we are uniquely positioned to successfully develop energy storage systems that are made to conquer the market.

Our Projects

We focus on developing a portfolio of impactful energy storage projects throughout the Netherlands. Our projects have a combined capacity exceeding 1GW and are typically located where landfall of wind and solar power and local grid configurations create the greatest need and most attractive opportunities for energy storage. Targeted to be operational by 2030, our systems are destined to fulfill a vital role in the Dutch renewable energy system.

Jeroen Althoff

Jeroen Althoff, CTO

The growing need for flexibility in the energy transition and the vital role energy storage has to play has guided us from day one. We're excited about the opportunities that lie ahead in the development of battery storage.

Arno Hendriks

Arno Hendriks, CEO

As pioneers within the battery technology industry, our journey has been marked by collaboration, excellence, and a “Yes We Can” attitude. We’re proud to lead the charge in redefining the Dutch energy storage market

2 - Linkedin Profile Picture - Julian - Kleur, clean_edited.jpg

Julian Waas, VP 

Every project we develop is a step closer to a future powered by clean energy. I'm proud to be part of a team that's leading the charge in creating a more sustainable world.

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