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LION STORAGE develops and operates utility scale battery storage solutions, offering clients affordable behind-the-meter storage and grid congestion management services, while using the remaining storage capacity to generate income by trading power into the various energy markets.


We offer storage solutions in the 5 to 100 MW and 1 to 16 hours energy storage range, through remotely managed high-quality short duration Li-Ion batteries or innovative flow battery solutions for longer durations.



Increasing solar and wind power on the electricity grid comes with many new challenges. These challenges range from increasing imbalances in supply and demand, hour-by-hour changes in transmission flow patterns increasing grid congestion and even risk of grid instability.


As both power price volatility and spreads increase, it is becoming increasingly clear that growth of renewables significantly impacts the energy market. This creates opportunity for providers of flexibility to profit from power market arbitrage.


Increasingly, utility scale batteries are used to solve (local) grid congestion and avoid expensive and avoid lengthy infrastructure upgrades. As battery prices continue to decrease, while their performance increase, the commercial opportunity in utility-scale energy storage systems is set to grow.

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Innovative Storage Solutions

LION STORAGE develops energy storage projects, where high performance battery technology is combined with state-of-the-art software to identify profitable business cases and operate batteries against optimal returns.


For emerging markets, where cost of operations and long duration storage is key, we focus on developing innovative flow battery systems.


For more advanced power markets, like continental Europe, we focus on optimizing (Lithium-Ion) battery utilization and trading profitability through high-tech software, delivering maximum overall financial returns.

Strong Technology Partnerships

Through long term strategic partnerships with selected OEMs and EPC companies, we strive to maintain the quality, and performance of our services.


In particular for emerging market applications (e.g. off-grid diesel generator replacement) we are developing strategic partnerships with innovative technology providers, ensuring the best technology fit to the project opportunity at hand.


To optimize the use and financial performance of our batteries, we collaborate closely with leading university talent.



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