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Services to Support Behind the Meter

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End-User Peak Shaving (existing service)

Use of energy storage to minimize the part of the customer invoice that varies according to their highest power demand, and reduce the overall customer costs for electric service by reducing demand charges during peak periods specified by the utility.


Time-Of-Use Energy Cost Management (emerging service)

Use of energy storage to be charged when the rates are low to be discharged during peak times, with the aim of reducing the invoice of final users.


Particular Requirements in Power Quality (existing service)

Use of energy storage to provide a high level of power quality above and beyond what the system offers (e.g., critical load) to some customers.


Maximizing Self-Production & Self-Consumption of Electricity (emerging service)

Use of energy storage to maximize self-production and self-consumption of electricity, especially when energy storage is associated with PV.


Continuity of Energy Supply (existing service)

Use of energy storage device to substitute the network in case of interruptions.


Limitation of Upstream Disturbances (emerging service)

Use of energy storage to limit the disturbances caused by distribution grids on upstream HV grids to contractual values.


Compensation of the Reactive Power (emerging service)

Use of energy storage to locally compensate the reactive power.


EV Integration (emerging service)

The objective is to use EV or PHEV to provide Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) functions to contribute to grid balancing.

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