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This overview provides a summary of the different energy storage applications, focused mainly on the electricity system, in order to illustrate the many services that energy storage can provide. The forms are organised according to the segment of the energy system that benefits from a given service; this categorisation does not necessarily reflect the location in which the storage device is installed. The terms for individual services, as well as their maturity (existing service vs emerging or future service) varies across different EU Member States.

The ancillary services applications support the efficient operation of the power grid. They are generally tendered by transmission and distribution system operators to ensure reliable power supply. Services can be provided by a variety of technologies. The below forms provide an overview of each service, from Frequency Containment Reserve (FCR) to new ancillary services. Some of these services are already commonly tendered on the market and provided by storage operators (existing applications); others are only now emerging in some EU markets.

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